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Sponsorship Program

Monthly Sponsorship Program

Our monthly sponsorship program allows you to virtually “Adopt,” one of our dogs and help support their needs through a monetary donation.

The animals that are up for virtual adoption are animals that will more than likely remain in our care for the long term. With your virtual adoption, you will receive an email with pictures of your virtually adopted dog as well as an opportunity to meet them if you choose.

 A few of our long-term animals are awaiting a home, however, it does take longer to find that home due to abuse/neglect they have suffered, medical issues, or behavioral issues. We will always hold out hope that they will eventually find their forever home with a family that will accept them and all their challenges as they are. Until that home is located, we are their family and home.

Some of our long-term animals will be with us forever due to severe medical issues and/or severe behavioral issues. Unfortunately, this is the ramifications of suffering severe abuse/neglect, under socialization, and/or severe medical issues. At times there are extreme circumstances where the liability is too high for us to send an animal out into the world, however, they are safe in our hands.

At EBARR, we pride ourselves on doing right by the animals every single time even though that road often is harder and longer.

We take on animals knowing that they may be with us for the long haul.

We do not euthanize for space, medical issues (unless severe and in the animal's best interest), and/or behavioral issues (unless severe and we can no longer house them safely).

We are proud to say in the last 6 years since Ebarr has been run by a new board of directors, we have only euthanized 2 animals due to severe unsafe behavior after every other option was exhausted.

The cost to house, feed, and provide basic medical care to our long-term animals' ranges from 30.00 a month to 600.00 a month.

Below are the amounts to sponsor an animal.

Cats $30.00

Dogs $50.00

(We will have several slots for certain dogs as their costs of basic care are much higher)

How Do You Become A Sponsor?

Click on the animal below you would like to sponsor



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