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Owner Surrenders

In order to accept a surrendered pet, the following criteria must be met:

  • We must have space in one of our foster families, or in our PetSmart partner program.
  • The animal being surrendered must get along with other animals. If your animal has significant medical or behavior issues, a past bite history, or is a feral cat - we will be unable to help.

Fees for Surrender

For dogs and cats under 5 years of age, the fee is $250 (+ $100 if the animal is unaltered).

For dogs and cats 5 to 6 years of age, the fee is $250 (+ $100 if the animal is unaltered) and the animal will be required to have a health exam by our Veterinarian.

For dogs and cats 7 years of age and older, the fee is $2,000 and the animal will be required to have a health exam by our Veterinarian including a Senior Profile Blood Test.

Before Contacting Us, Please...

1. Use your network to ask for help. This means friends, family, church groups, social media, etc.

2. See a veterinarian. Some behavioral issues are medical in nature.

3. Contact a trainer. We will want the trainer's name and number for collaborative purposes.

4. Collect vet and adoption history information. If the animal came from a rescue, you must inform that rescue before approaching us.

5. Do some problem-solving. We have strong opinions about rehoming due to: minor behavioral issues (chewing, using the bathroom in inappropriate places, digging, excitability, excessive barking/meowing, etc.); a change in lifestyle (no longer having time for the pet, having a baby, moving, getting a divorce, losing of a job, getting a pay cut, etc.); and/or not wanting to deal with the animal once they've grown out of the kitten/puppy stage. We are not saying we won't assist, however, expect questions around these topics.

*** If You Adopted Your Pet From EBARR ***

If you are attempting to surrender a pet adopted through EBARR, contact us immediately! As part of the legal contract you signed, we require families wishing to surrender EBARR alumni to contact us before you contact other rescues or surrender to a shelter. We will make every effort to assist in the process of re-homing the pet. 

We do expect you to foster the animal until a placement can be made. We adopt for life and, although we understand that things happen, we want to be sure your animal is placed with an appropriate family.

We also expect that you have done everything in your power to avoid a re-home. This means reaching out to your extended network of friends and family. If you do find someone in your network willing to give the animal a home, please contact us so we can change the microchip information.