EBARR was founded in 2008. It was born out of the belief that there was a need in the community for a high quality rescue group that accepts cats and dogs (under certain conditions) from the community. Since our inception we have had thousands of adoptions of orphaned animals; many community surrenders and cats and dogs that were at risk of being euthanized at the local animal shelters.

Our goal is to reduce abuse of animals and
prevent more animals from entering shelters.
— Nicole Martinez, President of EBARR

What We've Achieved

Even though we experienced major leadership transition this year and lost our boarding facility, we never gave up on any of the animals and proud to say that each one went into a home.



  • Saved countless animal from the community at risk of severe medical issues in the near future. 
  • Over 100 adoptions during 2016
  • Intervened early to stop puppies from maturing and producing more unwanted litters.
  • Saved over 100 animals so far in 2017
  • Started an adult cat program to help cats who generally slip through the cracks at adoption events get highlighted and the chance for forever homes that they deserve.
  • A very few individuals have overcome crazy obstacles to save this rescue in the last 18 months, by continuing to put our needs aside.  We believe we are needed in this community of animals and animal lovers.