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Remember if you are 16-17 please bring a copy of our volunteer agreement with you and a parent signature. 

It has been a long 4.5 months with these babies. Just when we got their eye infections, horrible worms and skin issues under control.....they broke with Parvo. We lost our sweet baby Jordan.  How do we save lives.....FOSTERS!!!!!!!

Our houses are full, we don't get breaks, our plates are too full.  WE NEED FOSTERS..........

No where else can you save a life, just like that. We pass on hundreds of animals a week because (u guessed it) WE NEED FOSTERS.  It's very sad when a foster gets adopted, however its heartbreaking when an animal dies all alone without someone to love it. Have I said it enough. We Need Fosters.

Watch this video the link is in blue below, look at the condition these babies are in-horrible. Quarantine is tough work and is done internally. We are looking for people to open their homes after all contagious illnesses are handled. This is what goes into puppy rescue before fosters step in. However, We Need Fosters. Fostering is a small link in the chain of rescue, but a vital one.

Frankly, these babies would all be dead without rescue intervention. We paid a large chunk of change to heal them, our free time=gone, our paper towels=gone, our puppy pads=gone. However we will do it again and again.

Will you help us?



 Our Mission at East Bay Animal Rescue & Refuge (EBARR) is to provide a home for animals in need. We believe in the health and welfare of all animals and we never discriminate against breed or size.


As part of our family; all animals receive training, socialization, a full veterinary package, love and affection.
We will also serve as an adoption option and educational resource for the community.

Our goal is to one day open an animal refuge in California for all animals in need of a home.


At this time we are not accepting community surrender animals.*

We must have space in one of our foster families, the cat or dog must get along with other animals and we require a specific donation for cats and dogs to off-set the veterinary, lodging and food costs we incur. We also may require a veterinary exam prior to accepting the animal.


Proud recipient of generous grants given by:
Maddie's Fund.


We are in need of foster families to help rescue as many animals as possible. If you can help, click on the Foster & Volunteer link to learn more.


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