It has been a long 4.5 months with these babies. Just when we got their eye infections, horrible worms and skin issues under control.....they broke with Parvo. We lost our sweet baby Jordan.  How do we save lives.....FOSTERS!!!!!!!

Our houses are full, we don't get breaks, our plates are too full.  WE NEED FOSTERS..........

No where else can you save a life, just like that. We pass on hundreds of animals a week because (u guessed it) WE NEED FOSTERS.  It's very sad when a foster gets adopted, however its heartbreaking when an animal dies all alone without someone to love it. Have I said it enough. We Need Fosters.

Watch this video the link is in blue below, look at the condition these babies are in-horrible. Quarantine is tough work and is done internally. We are looking for people to open their homes after all contagious illnesses are handled. This is what goes into puppy rescue before fosters step in. However, We Need Fosters. Fostering is a small link in the chain of rescue, but a vital one.

Frankly, these babies would all be dead without rescue intervention. We paid a large chunk of change to heal them, our free time=gone, our paper towels=gone, our puppy pads=gone. However we will do it again and again.

Will you help us?


Animals provide countless hours of entertainment and enrichment. Many families love the idea of fostering so they can teach their children the value of responsibility of caring for an animal. Foster families also should feel proud that they have helped save a life of a homeless animal. Shelter animals are kept in cages 100% of the time, EBARR animals are never kept in cages, except when being shown at the weekend adoption sites, while crate training and when medially necessary.


What types of volunteer opportunities are there at EBARR?

We hold weekend adoption events about 2-3 weekends every month as well as community events that we participate in about once a month. We also have the need for animal transport to and from events as well as veterinary visits, etc.

Q - How old do you have to be to volunteer?

You have to be at least 16 years old, with parental signature and agreement and 18 years old without. All volunteers must sign an agreement and waiver.

Q - What are my obligations as a pet foster parent?

  • Your main obligation for fostering a pet is to love and socialize the animal in your care.
  • You must also be able to deliver and pick up your foster pet at our adoption locations on weekends, at least two times a month.

Q - Do I have to provide food and supplies or pay for veterinary costs?

No, we provide all animal supplies.  There is no cost to you!

Q - I have other pets and or kids, is that ok?

As long as we have completed a home inspection and feel comfortable that all animals will get along and be safe.  Please note that it is not recommended to foster for more than one rescue at a time, due to easily passed illnesses. 

Q -What happens if my foster pet gets sick?

Call us immediately so we can arrange for veterinary care - (925) 222-7047, you will also be provided with your foster's managers personal phone number.

Q - How long will I have the pet for?

Until the animal is adopted. The more weekends you are available to drop off and pick up the greater chance the animal has to be adopted.  Please be aware that we completely depend on you as a foster and need committed fosters to be able to do what we do.

Q - What if I get attached to the pet?

As a foster family, you get first chance to adopt if you are so inclined.

Q - How do I become a pet Foster Parent or Volunteer?

If interested in fostering a pet or volunteering at EBARR, simply fill out our Foster Agreement or Volunteer Agreement and email it back to

Please contact us and we will gladly answer any other questions or concerns you might have.

Email is best and the way to a quickest response. 

Remember if you are 16-17 please bring a copy of our volunteer agreement with you and a parent signature.  


I would like to volunteer my time and help EBARR.

Please contact me with volunteer opportunities.

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