Our cat program at Petsmart in Antioch allows us to save mostly adult cats and/or senior cats that are available at the Petsmart in Antioch.  5879 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, Ca. 94531.

Adoption fee is 125.00.  These cats are altered, up to date on shots and have a microchip.  The cats come with a folder with offers and savings as well as a coupon book from Petsmart.  They have been recently been seen by a vet and are in a healthy state, however they do not come with a follow up visit to our vet.  

Hello, My name is Penelope:

I am a 2 year old black and white Domestic Med. Hair female cat.  I am an absolute loving cat. I warm up quickly and seek my human's attention.  I use the litter box regularly.  I would work best in any home that includes love and petting.  



Hello my name is Merlin:

I am about 6 years old and was dropped off at a shelter by my people for not using my litter box, I really don't remember not using the litter box.    Since I came to Ebarr I have always used my litter box, maybe my people were not my forever home after all.  I am a very friendly boy who likes to talk with you if you talk to me.  I am mostly white with some black markings.  I have a lot of life to live and want a home to be loved and where I can love my people back.  




Wink was one of the shy ones when we picked up her and her siblings from the shelter but you would never guess that now. She is so sweet and loves to meow as she is getting loves. Her eyes are a stunning orange with black eyeliner and a little black nose on her white face. Her foster family has become so attached to her. This little girl is so sweet and unique that she wont be available for very long. DOB 3-9-16


See our successful adoptions below

Hello my name is Lilith:  ADOPTED

I am a 2 year old orange female. I am playful and loving. 

Hello my name is Hermione: ADOPTED

I am a 3 year old Brown Tabby with White Chest and Paws.  I warm up quickly and seek out attention.  I use my litter box regularly.  I would work best in a home being the only cat, as I am not interested in other cats and like to hiss at them.  I could work through this with a human who has patient and understands that some cats take a little bit to like each other.  I would be a wonderful only cat.

Hello my name is Stewey:  ADOPTED

I am a 15 year old Siamese.  I lost my human and am now looking for someone new to love me.  I am quick to warm up, and love getting petted.  I use the litter box regularly.  I can live with other cats.