All dogs are available to adopt outside of the normal adoption times. If interested in any of the animals, please complete and email us an Adoption Application or Foster Agreement, or fill out the form below to set up a time for us to contact you.

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Dogs are $300.00 and includes a Microchip. Our puppies are 350.00 and this includes a microchip.  The fee can vary depending on extra veterinary care that some animals may require. 






Availible Dogs


“There’s more to me than just the good looks!”
No, seriously… you cannot walk in public with Chief without receiving tons of compliments. That aside, Chief is the epitome of loyal. He will instantly find his place in your family, and once he does, he makes sure everyone is accounted for and knows where every family member is at all times. He is a wonderful watch dog and we feel very safe having him. He loves to be loved and will gladly return the love back with plenty of kisses. When he wants your attention, he usually rests his head on you when you are sitting. Ear rubs are his favorite!
Chief is a true athlete and has an enormous amount of energy to burn. He loves to go on walks and absolutely loves to run. Playing chase with other dogs is one of his favorite activities. He is super social and loves to be around other dogs. He does really well at dog parks. When at home, Chief would really benefit with another canine member that can match his energy level.
When we are out on walks, he could use a little extra training when a cat or squirrel comes into view. They are his favorite thing to chase and he will happily keep them out of your yard for you. He is also eager to please and knows his basic commands, like sit, stay, down, and shake. 
Chief would benefit with an owner who is home most of the time or a canine companion to keep him company. This would help with the separation anxiety which he experiences when left alone. If you do decide to leave him alone in your yard unsecured, a standard 6 ft. fence would not be sufficient to contain him. He loves to explore when bored and believes the grass is greener on the other side. A kennel or dog run would be beneficial.


Take another look at Richard he is just adorable! He is a 4yr. old Pomchi (Pomeranian/Chihuahua)
Very sweet enjoys playing with small dogs loves small children but likes to steal their food so children under 5yrs of age are not recommended




This is Otis II he is named after our First Otis who was also a pug/chi and is now in the best forever home any pet could ask for. Otis II is a 6 year old Pug/Chihuahua mix full of personality and super sweet. He was found as a stray dog. Loves other dogs and cats. Can be a little timid around men but warms up quickly. He is good with kids. He is also potty trained and well mannered. All of our pets are fully vetted and microchiped.

otis 2.jpg

P.J.- Pit Bull Mix

P.J. is a curious girl who loves to be out in the backyard.  She under a year old with a birth date of around 12/1/16.  She is crate trained and fully potty trained.  She puts herself to bed around 730 pm and sleeps until about 6am.  She is a good girl who gets along with other dogs after she gets comfortable with them.  She is a sweetheart.  We are looking for a home free from children under 10.  For some reason small children make her anxious, however we are working with this issue.  She still would need a home free from small children at this time.   

Stella/Baby Blue-Pit Bull

Stella is a beautiful compact pit bull weighing less than 60 pounds. Stella is a very sweet girl who needs an owner committed to training, exercise and love.  No small children, small dogs or cats. Stella can be very dog selective and requires a confident handler. Preferably no other pets. Stella loves to play fetch, take long walks, getting in the kiddie pool, and snuggling after playing.

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